Now in my 50’s, I’ve spent most of my career in Information Technology, initially as an analyst/developer before moving into Project Management over ten years ago.

My experience is primarily in the financial sector, working for large banks in the UK both as a permanent employee and now as a self-employed contractor.

My professional qualification in project management comes from the Project Management Institute, where I obtained certification as a Project Management Professional.

I’ve learned that the key to succeeding as a PM lies not just with the technical knowledge, but the ability to build strong relationships and manage people effectively, even when you’re not particularly empowered in the organisation. In fact, especially when you’re not empowered! Rather than repeat what many people have written elsewhere about the mechanics of scheduling, risk management, lifecycles etc, this blog focusses on the most important elements of any project – the people.

If you have any comments please feel free to get in touch. I’m always interested in feedback and suggestions.

Thanks for reading.